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Modek is the leading manufacturer of transparent roof sheeting in Africa, and is a key provider of Polycarbonate (PC) into world markets. With 20 years of experience, Modek’s range of products is used for roofing and side cladding of steel structures, mainly for the purpose of providing and enhancing natural light.

Modek’s products are specifically designed to withstand South Africa’s harsh climate and the company delivers a range of quality products backed by exceptional customer service.

Modek’s Polycarbonate roof sheeting is used for heating, cooling or lighting buildings and can be used in mines, warehouses, industrial parks, hangars, stadiums, and shopping centres, as well as for awnings and carports. Modek’s chemical-, moisture- and impact-resistance makes it perfect for chemical treatment facilities and cooling towers as well as water and waste water tank covers, sludge bed covers and reservoirs. Read More

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Ampa Group was founded in 1973 and has gained a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

As a manufacturer of specialised plastics to various industries, as well as an importer,

Ampa Group comprises of Ampa Plastics, Modek, Ampaflex and Coolseal.

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