Architect - Pre Amble Technical Information

Modek Pre Amble Information
We have put together the relevant technical details for all Modek Pre Ambles per profile to assist you with the necessary design information. The pre amble is the main source of information for you as the architect to be able spec Modek product in terms of product selection, warranty, installation and maintenance requirements.

Modek Polycarbonate sheeting is a high quality, virtually indestructible translucent roofing material. Polycarbonate is one of the most advanced polymers available. All Modek Polycarbonate sheets have a co-extruded layer of highly UV stabilised polymer on the surface to create a weather resistant surface. Modek's Polycarbonate roof sheeting is used for heating, cooling or lighting buildings and can be used in mines, warehouses, industrial parks, hangars, stadiums, and shopping centres, as well as for awnings and carports. Modek's moisture and impact-resistance makes it perfect for chemical treatment facilities and cooling towers as well as water and waste water tank covers, sludge bed covers and reservoirs.