Technical Information

Polycarbonate MLOK 700
Polycarbonate does not have the mechanical grip required to keep the translucent sheet fixed or adhered to the clip. A pierced fix method is the only way to install apolycarbonate sheet. Due to its greater thermal expansion, polycarbonate sheeting should be fixed using pre drilled oversized holes and sealing washers, or make use of pre drill fasteners of which there are various varieties at suppliers.

Note: Do not exceed the maximum purlin spacing specified by the translucent cladding manufacturer.

1. Fix the base plate of the poly slider bracket down with 10 X 16mm wafer head teks, class 3.
    Aligning as per the steps for installation.

2. Place the sheet on top of the bracket.

3. Place a saddle washer over every rib above the slider section of the slider bracket, align, and fasten
    the first three ribs using 10x16mm hex flange metal Teks with seal class 3.
    It is possible to leave out the saddle washer, but note this could weaken the system.

4. Now place the next sheet, engaging the female rib firmly over the male rib of the previous sheet. Repeat step 3.

5. Note: the bonded washer can be fixed from the top or from the side. A very low pitch roof will require side stitching.


MLOK 700
Chequerboard = 1 800mm
Continous run = 1 500mm